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Deroma A18 Neck Cooling Fan Lazy Hanging Hands Free Fan

RM 29.90

With Deroma A18 Neck Cooler Fan, you may able to enjoy cool wind anyway with hands free!



• Neck hanging design – can be hung on neck, freeing hands.

• Reduce sweating especially during outdoor activities, having air-conditioned experience

• 360° surround wind-multi-directional air outlets

• 3 gear wind adjustment- weak wind, natural wind, strong wind

• Rechargeable battery, use without cable

• Flexible and able to bend any shape



• Brand: Deroma

• Product: Neck Cooling Fan

• Model: A18

•  Material: ABS + Electronic Components

• Gear: 3 Gear Level

• Input & Output: DC5V / 2A

• Charging Time: About 5 Hours

• Power: 8W

• Color: White / Pink / Navy Green

• Battery Capacity: 2400mAH

• Product Size: 18*15*5cm

• Weight: 295g


What’s in the box:

• 1 x Deroma A18 Neck Cooling Fan

• 1 x USB Charging Cable

• 1 x Instruction Manual


"Deroma Official Store Boutique Life Electrical"

The Trusted & Reliable Brand Deroma Original Product!

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