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Deroma CF-01 Baby Air Fan Cooler Portable USB Air Humidifier 600ml With 7 LED Lights

RM 49.90

It’s not only an air fan cooler, but also an air humidifier. During this hot season, you can use this baby air cooler fan to cool down the temperature, at the same time humidifies the air!


• 2in1 Air Fan Cooler and Humidifier

• With leather handle design easy to bring along 

• 7 color LED lights to light up the ambience 

• Fan can be adjustable by up and down by 60˚

• Simply just connect the USB cable to power on - USB power strip / USB phone charger / USB power bank

• Quiet and energy saving

• With 1/2/3 Hour Timer

• 3 Fan speed adjustment

• 3 Humidifies Level - Low level mist 1 spray 12H / Medium level mist 3 sprays 4H / High level mist 5 spray 2.5H

• 600ml big water tank capacity

• Can add perfume at the center of fan to add fragrance smell 

• Auto stop misting when lack of water

• There are 4 feet at the bottom, can be rotate and opened to increase the stability of the product.


• Brand: Deroma

• Product: Baby Air Cooler Fan

• Model: CF-01

• Water tank capacity: 600ml

• Atomization: Max. 225ml/h

• Spray time: 2.5-12 hours

• Power: 10W

• Voltage: 5V

• Electric Current: 2A

• Interface: USB Type-C 

• Weight: 726g (without water)

• Product Size: 21*9*26cm 

• Packaging Size: 22*10*28cm

Friendly Reminder

• Only tap water or mineral water can be added

• Regular cleaning can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria. Clean with a damp cloth.

• When carrying or not using the fan, please pour out the water in the water tank to prevent overflow or bacteria in the water tank for a long time

• Do not open the spray at the same time when the wind is blowing down, otherwise the fan will absorb the water mist and form water droplets

• The product is not completely waterproof. It is not allowed to wash or soak the whole product under water to avoid water short circuit and damage.

What’s In the Package:

• 1 x Deroma CF-01 Cooler Fan

• 1 x Type-C USB Cable

• 1 x Manual

"Deroma Official Store Boutique Life Electrical"

The Trusted & Reliable Brand Deroma Original® Product!

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