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Nebulizer E500 Transparent 2

Deroma® E500 Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser Nebulizer Apple Design Aromatherapy - Portable & Rechargeable

RM 168.00

NEW Malaysia Local Ready Stock Waterless Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser Nebulizer – Portable and Rechargeable – Ship out by next working day!

Now you can enjoy the good smell anywhere with Deroma Portable Waterless Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser Nebulizer!


• Waterless: Diffuse pure essential oil without adding any water and no worries of water splitting anymore! Stronger and long-lasting fragrance.

• Wireless: Rechargeable and use without using cable. Able to bring and use anywhere.

• Type-C charging interface: 5V voltage, USB data cable, can be connected to mobile phone plugs, power banks, computers, and in-vehicle use.

• Long Battery Cycle: the charging time is 6.5 hours. Built-in 4000MAH lithium battery, it can be used for about 250 hours and about 60 days on a single charge.

• Timer: Able to set timer at 1H and 2H 

• Silence: Produce fine mist with noise lower than 35 dB, you will be able to work or rest without disturbed

• Intermittent Mist: 2 gear. 30s (working 30s, stop 60s); 20s (working 20s, stop 60s)

• Anti-overflow design: The essential oil is not easy to leak when inverted

• Applicable scenarios: Home, Office, Hotel, Workout, Car, Bedroom and anywhere

Essential Oil:

• Water-soluble essential oils: adding water-soluble essential oils will produce a small amount of mist after turning on the aromatherapy machine, and the aroma will slowly radiate into the air.

• Pure essential oils: After adding pure essential oils to turn on the aroma diffuser, there is no mist, but the aroma will slowly radiate into the air.

• Both of these conditions do not affect the volatilization of essential oils into the air, which are normal conditions.


• Brand: Deroma®

• Product: Essential Oil Diffuser Nebulizer E500

• Material: Aluminium Alloy

• Capacity: 5ml / 10ml / 15ml / 20ml

• Coverage Area: Within 100 square meters.

• Power Supply Mode: USB Type-C Charging Interface

• Power: DC 5V, 1A

• Battery: Built-in 2000MAH lithium battery

• Charging Time: 2-3 Hours

• Usage Time: 20s on, 60s off --- 19.5H ; 30s on, 60s off -- 15H

• Timer: 1H and 2H

• Weight: 365g

• Size: 69mm*69mm*140mm

Package Included:

• 1 x Deroma EO Diffuser Nebulizer E500

• 1 x 20ml EO Bottles (Inside the Machine)

• 1 x Type-C Power Cord

• 1 x Atomization Core

• 1 x Atomization Core Replacement Tool

• 1 x Essential Oil Pipette (5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml)

• 1 x Dual Language Instruction Manual

Package Add on:

• Deroma Essential Oil 30ml – 10 types of flavour to choose


• The pure essential oil will be split into nano particles and you can barely see the mist, which is different from the normal aroma diffusers or humidifier.

• Recommend to use in room temperature 10°C ~ 50°C

• Recommend to use pure essential oil or volatile and non-sticky essential oil

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