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Deroma Mini Sponge Mop XTB-001 For Home Kitchen Glass Bathroom

RM 12.90

Brand: Deroma

Material: ABS+sponge

Product size: 24.5x46cm

Color: White+Gray


-Sponge mop unfolds to 15cmx24.5cm. small, compact and easy to carry to keep your desk clean all times.

-Mini mops is made of high quality sponge head which is soft and does not hurt the floor. It has good water absorption and can easily clean water and oil stains. Compact size allows for single hand cleaning and more efficient mopping.

-The Lazy sponge mop comes with interchangeable sponge heads for easy alternate cleaning and use.

-Hands free mini mops are made of high quality materials and are strong and durable.

-Portable cleaning mop can be used to clean various places such as floor, table top, glass, tile, home, living room, office, dining table, bedroom, etc.

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