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Deroma KY929 Electric Anti-Dust Mites Vacuum Cleaner 3in1 (Vibration, UV Light, Super Suction) with Triple Filtration

RM 169.90

(No.1 New Upgraded Version 2022) Deroma® KY929 Cyclone Bed Vacuum Cleaner Anti-Dust Mites 4in1 (Vibration, UV Light, Super Suction and Triple Filtration) - Compact, light and powerful with equipped design of suction mouth part to improve quality of flapping, cleaning and vacuuming, fast deep cleaning, time saving and efficient.

*NEW Deroma® KY929 is the latest model Local Set with efficient After Sales Service & ready part. 1 or 2 year warranty provided.

*Deroma® "KY929" is upgraded to be more safety, friendly user and convenient with "Malaysia 3 pin plug attached Fuse (Safety Protection electric short circuit & prevent burn)".


• Cyclone Technology

• 4in1 Features: Tapping/Vibration, UV Light, Super Suction

• Triple Filtration: Stainless Filter + Hepa Filter + Sponge

• Double frequency tapping 7000 x 2 = 14,000 times Tapping (Dual Pad)

• Sterilization UV light sterilization with safety mode prevent eyes damage

• 5 meter power cord (Long)

• Transparent dust box seen

• Silent sound & Light (Not bulky, thick and heavy)

• 3 rollers at the bottom for smooth operation vacuum process

• Comfortable grip for hold design

• Light and portable to vacuum

• Easy to clean & Operate it

• 20cm open size with focus wide suction mouth to improve the efficiency of mite removal

• Malaysia 3 pin plug attached Fuse

• Ergonomic Shape and Solid Handle

• Space saving to keep


• The vacuum cleaner ability to vacuum deep inside the mattress or any dunlop design

• Eliminate allergens and protect your health (Anti Bacteria).

• 8000 beats per minute high frequency tapping, vibrate, shaking away to remove tiny particles of dust (shaking out deep mattress mites)

• 9kPa Large & Strong Suction, sucking out the tiny tiny dust from your bed and mattress

• Able to suck hair stick on your bed or pillow

• UV light removal, removal rate >99.9%

• High suction, strong shock inside the mattress, sofa, sheets and rapid inhalation of harmful particles, deep removal of allergens such as mites and dander

• Ultraviolet germicidal lamp, longer length, better bactericidal effect, lower power consumption, so that you no longer worry about health problems

• Triple-layer filtration removes mites and discharges fresh air (Hepa, Steel, Sponge Filter)

• Light and Small just using 1 hand to vacuum (NOT like bulky, thick and heavy). Even your kid can help to vacuum. 

• Flexible and less effort due to compact design (grip handle). Design is very important to make your work easy and not tired when you vacuum it. (Yang paling penting vacuum berkualiti, mampu menyedup hama, debu, habuk, bulu rambut, pasir tanpa tangan lengguh, tak tersekat-sekat apabila mengosoknya :)

• Special design or pattern for deep clean all the mattress (try suck 30 second only you will see and shock with the dust come out from your mattress) 

• Smooth operation vacuum process as the bottom part have 3 rollers to roll.

• Space saving: Compact and easy to keep or store in small place or compartment rack.

• Transparent washing dust box, sealed and leak proof, easy to remove and wash.

Suitable use:

• To vacuum bed, mattress, pillow, blanket, carpet, car cushion, sofa, Dunlop chair & etc. 


• Product Name: Deroma® Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner (New Upgraded Version 2022)

• Product model: KY929

• Color: Navy Blue

• Power Plug: Malaysia 3 Pin Plug Wire Fused

• Rated voltage: 220-240V~50/60Hz

• Rated power: 300W

• Noise (dB): ≤ 78dB

• Weight: 1.22kg

• Maximum vacuum (kPa): ≥9kPa

• Wire Length: 5m

• Product size: 220*210*125mm

What's In the Package:

1x Deroma® KY929 Dust Mites Vacuum (Dark Grey)

1x Small Brush

1x Warranty Card (1 or 2 years warranty optional)

1x English Manual

*Free After Sales Service 

*Provided Spare Part Warranty is Ready

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The Trusted & Reliable Brand Deroma® Original Product!

*Comfort Your Life*