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Deroma M350 Air Humidifier Transparent Water Tank with 3.5LCapacity - Fill Water From Top Design

RM 84.99

Deroma® M350 Air Humidifier Transparent  Water Tank with 3.5LCapacity - Fill Water From Top Design

• Come with Malaysia 3 Pin Plug attached with Fused Safety
• Top filling water tank design
• 3.5L Water Tank Capacity
• Adjustable mist volume
• Water Shortage protection

Product Features:
- Fill water from top- very convenient, do not need to move water tank, no leaking
- Transparent water tank- easily observe water level
- 3.5L Large Capacity- can humidify up to 14 hours
- Simple mist- adjustment with just one mist knob
- Auto cut-off protection- humidifier will auto cut off when water level is very low, safe to use
- Ultrasonic low noise <36dB- use at night without any disturb
- Large diameter water tank, able to clean the water tank easily
- With built in aromatherapy aroma oil space for essential oil
- Malaysia 3 pin plug, just plug in and use directly.

Product Specification:
Brand: Deroma®
Model: M350
Material: PS / ABS
Capacity: 3.5L
Power: 26W
Voltage: 220V-240V~50Hz/60Hz
Noise: ≤36dB
Product Size: 200*200*330mm
Packaging Size: 200*200*330mm
Weight: Approx. 0.9kg

•Deroma Essential Oil English Lavender 30ml
•Deroma Essential Oil SleepTight 30ml
•Deroma Essential Oil BreathEasy 30ml
•Deroma Essential Oil Apple Tea 30ml
•Deroma Essential Oil Ion Fresh 30ml
•Deroma Essential Oil Pest Off 30ml
•Deroma Essential Oil Ocean 30ml
•Deroma Essential Oil Zen 30ml
•Deroma Essential Oil Paradise Tioman 30ml
•Deroma Essential Oil Yuzu Tea 30ml

Friendly Reminder:
*This model does not have independent aroma oil space, aroma oil is not allowed to add into water tank, which will void the warranty.*
*Do not soak dried flowers or fruits more than 4 hours*
*Only Deroma® Essential Oil can be used with Deerma Humidifier by direct put to the water tank (Deroma's products new formula is Safe Mixed into Humidifier water tank and diffuser)
*Other Type/Brand of Aroma Oil is strictly not allowed to put into humidifier water tank/motor part which does not supports aroma oil, it voids the warranty.
*For Model designed with Independent aroma oil space, Please place it on the independent aroma oil space if you use oil other than Deroma® Oil.
*Please clean the Humidifier every 2 days if using any aroma or essential oil.
*Any damage/broken caused by Essential Oil will Void your Warranty
*Kindly pm us if you need assistance for suitable oil for this product.

Package Include:
1 x Deroma® M350 Air Humidifier
1 x Manual Book
1 x Warranty Card

"Deroma® Boutique Life Electrical" The Trusted & Reliable Brand Deroma® Malaysia Original Product!