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Deroma M600 Air Humidifier & Aroma Diffuser (2.5L Tank) or + Deroma Essential Oil

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Deroma® M600 Air Humidifier & Aroma Diffuser (Fill In Water From Top Tank 2.5L) or + Deroma® Essential Oil

NEW Deroma "M600 is the latest model Local Set" it is upgraded version from previous OLD CHINA MODEL F300. The latest model M600 local set is upgraded & approved to be more safety and convenient with "Malaysia 3 pin plug attached Fused (Safety Protection electric short circuit & prevent burn)".

• Hot Selling Model
• Come with Malaysia 3 Pin Plug attached with Fused Safety
• 2in1 Air Humidifier & Aroma Diffuser
• Safe to drop any Essential Oil type/brand direct to water tank
• 2.5L Water Tank Capacity
• Water Shortage protection

• Fill water from top water tank easily without spilling water around
• Easily clean by rub the inner side of water tank
• 360° adjustable mist knob
• Can add dried flower or fruits inside the water tank for greater smells (Do not soak dried flower / fruits more than 3 hours)
• Made from thick PP material, which will be more resistance to high temperature and corrosion compare to ABS old model
• The ideal model for big capacity and easy to use with Essential Oil

• Small Size And Portable easy to place on table without using much space.
Deroma Little Cap Humidifiers has little size body, no space occupying. Can be placed on table or desk, simple and beautiful.
• Easy To Add Water From Top Water Tank
No need to lift up the water tank, only add water on the top, very easy and convenient.
• 360° Rotating Out Of The Mist
360° can be rotated to change the direction of fogging at any time.
• Machine Anti-Corrosion PP Material
Compared with ABS water tank, PP water tank is more resistant to corrosion and high temperature, and can be added with aromatherapy essential oil.
• Gathering Spray Humidification Range Is Wide
The higher the amount of fog, the easier it will spread into the air without getting wet at home. The Deroma Shaped Spray Ring System combines a turbine air duct circulation, and the amount of mist can be further concentrated to moisturize every corner of the home.
• Water Shortage Automatic Power Failure Protection
Sensitive monitoring of water level conditions, automatic power off when water is scarce, preventing machine dry burning.

• Model: M600 New White
• Material: PP
• Water Capacity: 2.5L
• Voltage: 220V-50Hz
• Power: 25W
• Noise: Less than 35dB
• Max. humidification time (High): 8-12hrs
• Security: Automatic shut off safety feature when water tank is empty
• Product Size: 20cm x 20cm x 22.4cm
• Weight: 1.3kg
• Coverage Area: 16-20m²
• Mist: 250ml/hour
• Whisper-quiet ultrasonic operation
• Variable and adjustable mist control
• Zero radiation

What In the Box :
1 x Deroma® M600 Air Humidifier
1 x English Manual Book
*Product is in special gift box

•Deroma Essential Oil English Lavender 30ml
•Deroma Essential Oil SleepTight 30ml
•Deroma Essential Oil BreathEasy 30ml
•Deroma Essential Oil Apple Tea 30ml
•Deroma Essential Oil Ion Fresh 30ml
•Deroma Essential Oil Pest Off 30ml
•Deroma Essential Oil Ocean 30ml
•Deroma Essential Oil Zen 30ml
•Deroma Essential Oil Paradise Tioman 30ml
•Deroma Essential Oil Yuzu Tea 30ml
•Silver Ion Ag+ (Function of Silver ion is to kill germ and bacteria in the water and help to provide better air quality)

Friendly Reminder:
* This New Technology M600 the only can use Essential oil mix in the water.
* It safe to use Essential Oil by mix with water into humidifier or diffuser (New Formula).
* DEROMA® essential oil are meant for diffusing/inhaling only (please DO NOT digest or apply on skin area)
* Do not soak dried flower / fruits more than 3 hours in water tank.
* Please clean every 2 days of the Humidifier if using any aroma or essential oil.

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