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Deroma Air Freshener Natural Premium Car Perfume (10ml)

RM 3.90

Deroma® Air Freshener Car Perfume 10ml Natural Premium Air Freshener.

***Premium Quality Air Freshener Blended With Pure Essential Oil***

Features / Benefits:

Anti bacteria, no heavy metal, remove odor, alcohol free.

Boost inner energy and mood, reduce stress and anxiety, promote relaxation, antibacterial and removes odor.

Brand: Deroma®

Series: Miniature Aromatherapy Freshener

Capacity: 10ml

Last Cycle: 30days

Type: Blended Oil Based

Strength: Medium

Origin Raw Material: Europe

Bottling: Singapore

Available in 9 flavors:

1. English Lavender (Lavender Essential Oil)

Scent: Floral, Fresh, Sweet, Herbaceous

Function: Relaxation, Treat Anxiety & Insomnia

2. Honey Melon (Cantaloupe + Musk Essential Oil)

Scent: Slightly sweet, Fresh & Light

Function: Calm Anxiety & Stress, Improve Mood, Freshen Air

3. Ion Fresh (Orange Essential Oil + Green tea Extract)

Scent: Sweet, Fresh, Cleansing, Uplifting

Function: Lift Mood, Reduce Stress, Refreshing

4. BreathEasy ( Eucalyptus + Peppermint Essential Oil)

Scent: Minty, Fresh, Woody, Earthy

Function: Promotes Respiratory, Nausea, Sinusitis

5.Yuzu Tea (Grapefruit + Citron Essential Oil)

Scent: Citrusy, Slightly Fruity, Fresh & Sweet

Function: Stimulation, Refreshing

6. Aurora (Lavender + Neroli Essential Oil)

Scent: Rich, Floral, Citrusy Overtones

Function: Relax, Release Depression And Anxiety Insomnia

7. Night Sky (Lavender + Bitter Orange Essential Oil)

Scent: Floral, Sweet Orange & Slight Bitter of Grapefruit

Function: Increase Energy, Enhance Mood

8. Light Citrus (Sweet Orange + Lime Essential Oil)

Scent: Slightly Sweet, Fresh, Citrusy & Light

Function: Focus, Motivated, Release Cold & Flu

9. Vanilla Cloud (Vanilla + Ylang Essential Oil)

Scent: Sweet, Floral, Exotic, Slightly Fruit

Function: Boost Mood, Relaxing, Calming

How to Use?

1. Open the cap

2. Pierce the stopper

3. Close the cap

4. Flip the bottle

What provided:

1x Bottle 10ml in box

1x Hanging rope

Friendly Reminders:

Used only as directed. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If eye on contact occurs, immediately rinse with plenty of clean water for 10minutes.

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