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Deroma Crystal 200 Nano Mist Disinfection Face Spray Slider Switch - Facial Steamer Mini USB Rechargeable Portable

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Deroma® Crystal 200 Nano Mist Disinfection Face Spray Slider Switch - Facial Steamer Mini USB Rechargeable Portable

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Deroma® Crystal 200 Facial Mist Sprayer can relax, soothe tired skin instantly, reducing wrinkles, relieving skin sensitive, deep moisturizing to make your skin soft and full of elasticity.

Use this cool mist not only refresh your skin, face, prevent hair static, but also comfort red and itchy skin after sunburn to help skin cool down and recover to normal, help to prevent clogged pores and deeply clean your skin.

Add non-alcohol disinfectant liquid / air mist to use as disinfectant spray and bring along where ever you go to keep you away from viruses, germs and bacteria.


• Multifunction Nano Mist Sprayer

• Hydrating & Deep Moisturizing

• Disinfectant spray

• Large amount of mist spray

• 30ml large water tank

• Transparent water tank

• Slider switch to operate

• Slim & mini body easy to carry

• USB Chargeable type


• Brand: Deroma®

• Model: Crystal 200

• Water Tank Capacity: 30ML

• Battery: Rechargeable (USB Cable Included)

• Charging Time: 3 hours

• Spray Mist: 1.25-1.4/min

• Charging Current: 1.5A

• Net Weight/Gross Weight: 51g / 64g

• Product Size: 35x35x100mm

• Packing Size: 40x40x145mm

Usage Steps:

1. Connect USB cable to the USB charging port and start charging. Full charging time will be 3 hours.

2. Unscrew the water tank and fill water into the water tank. Align the water tank, tighten it and shake it gently

3. Slide down the slider to spray and slide up to close spraying.


The nano mist sprayer indicator light will show blue light when spraying, show red light when charging. When fully charged, the light will turn off automatically.

Friendly Reminder:

1. Please do not use alcohol or detergent which contains mercury, alkaline acidic substances to clean the facial mist sprayer.

2. Please do not spray into eyes.

3. If you wish to mix toner or lotion with the mineral water, please fill 90% mineral water first then add in lotion or toner

4. Please do not add thick liquid or else it will cause blockage at the facial mist sprayer and unable to spray

5. Use it at a distance of 5cm from the face before makeup; use it at a distance of 12cm from the face after makeup.

6. It is normal for a small amount of water droplets around the spray nozzle when spraying, just use paper towel to wipe it gently.

7. When the facial mist sprayer does not spray, please check if it is out of power or lack of water, or please contact our customer service.

8. Please do not use sharp objects to scratch the spray nozzle, otherwise the spray nozzle will damaged and stop spraying.

9. Please clean the water tank and spray nozzle every 2-3 days with a clean cloth or cotton swab.

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