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Deroma K10 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner Sweep Vacuum & Mop – Smart App Voice & RC (Black Edition Upgraded)

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Deroma K10 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner Sweep Vacuum & Mop – Smart App Voice & Remote Control (Limited Black Edition Upgraded)

Make cleaning easier with Deroma® K10 Smart Robot Vacuum and Mop is an effective way to free you from the rather boring household chores, allowing you spend more time with your family members, or concentrate your energy on your work. 

Product Features:

• Control from Smart App (WIFI/Bluetooth/Hotspot/Voice)

• Remote Control

• Twin Brush Work Together

• Long Lasting Battery (Recommended as Review)

• Smart Vacuuming and Mopping

• Strong and Power Suction

• Auto Cleaning

• Timer Cleaning

• Spot Cleaning

• Zig-Zag Cleaning

• Edge Cleaning

• Max Cleaning

• 120 Mins Running time

• Ultra Thin (can go under sofa and cupboard space)

• Anti Drop and Infrared Sensors

• Automatic Charging 

Product Description:

• Dedicated app control easily connect with app to schedule your floor cleaning routine. Set cleaning mode from your phone

• Mopping and vacuuming together, Powerful suction and the level water flow can be adjusted (2 levels water flow)

• Four cleaning modes: auto cleaning/spot cleaning/zig-zag cleaning/edge cleaning

• Built-in smart sensors: along wall sensors, infrared sensors, anti-collision sensors, robot vacuum cleaner smoothly cross in the room

• Large suction mouth & close to the ground, easily sucking different dirt/dust

• Automatic find charging port when battery low

• Fully charge can use for 120 minutes / 1290sqtf room coverage

• 2.91 in slim vacuum body design, make it easier to reach under chair/bed 

• Anti-drop and anti-collision

• Climbing ability and obstacle crossing: 0.6inch / 15mm / 15° Angle

Product Specifications:

• Brand: Deroma®

• Model: K10

• Navigation Mode: Random Route + Z-shape Route 

• Suction Power: 1500 Pa (Floor) ; 2000 Pa (Carpet) 

• Cleaning Area/Time: 1290sqft / 120 mins 

• Dustbin Capacity: 230ml 

• Water Tank Capacity: 230ml

• Charging Time: Around 5 Hours (Fully Charge)

• Battery: 2600mah Rechargeable Lithium Battery

• Control Methods: Remote Control

• Net Weight: 2.5kg 

• Remote Control Features: Start / Pause / Stop / Spot Cleaning, Cleaning Mode Setting, Suction and water flow control, etc.

What's in the box:

•  1x K10 Robot Vacuum 

• 1x Charging Dock 

• 1x Remote Control (2 AAA Battery-Provided)

• 1x Power Adapter 

• 1x Dustbin (with 1 HEPA Filter)

• 1x User Manual 

• 2x Side Brush 

• 4x Filter Cotton (for water tank)

• 1x Cleaning Brush 

• 1x Water tank (With 1 Washable Mopping Cloth) 

• English Manual Book Instruction

Friendly Reminder:

1.Please read manual carefully before using the robot vacuum cleaner for carpet and hard floor. 

2. The default cleaning path of the Deroma® K10 robot vacuum cleaner is a random path. Only after the zigzag cleaning mode is selected with the remote control will it run in a zigzag path. 

3. This model of robot vacuum cleaner is controlled by a remote control, have the pre-set time cleaning and App functions. 

Precautions for Vacuuming and Mopping: 

1. If the robot vacuum cleaner has low suction power or the mopping cloth does not produce water, please check whether the second suction mode is turned on with the remote control. 

2. The mopping function cannot be used on the carpet. Please remove the mop holder in advance before cleaning the carpet. The Deroma® K10 robot vacuum is not suitable for use on long-haired carpets. Please avoid carpet tassels entwining the wheels of the robot vacuum cleaner. 

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