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Deroma RUDEL SD-100 Soda Water Machine Soda Sparkling Water Maker Include CO2 Cylinder

RM 358.00

Super duper hot weather along the year. Enjoy self made soda sparkling water with Deroma® RUDEL SD-100 Soda Water Machine Sparkling Water Maker, you can enjoy beverage with 0 fat, 0 calories, 0 addictive, free collocation which is your healthier choice!


• Just one button to make your own soda water

• 0 addictive, 0 fat, 0 calories and free collocation

• Easy installation

• Automatic discouragement 

• Safety automatic venting to prevent spraying

• Convenient to travel with the bottle 

• No need to charge, no need battery

• One cylinder can make up to 120 bottles of water

• Food grade PET BPA FREE water bottle

• Include 1 CO2 Cylinder


Brand: Deroma®

Product: Soda Water Machine

Model: RUDEL SD-100

Material: ABS and PET (BPA FREE)

Bottle Capacity: 1L

Cylinder Capacity: 600ml (360g)

Operation Temperature: 0-40°C

Gas Shelf Life: 1 year

Size: 242*128*420mm

What's In The Box:

• 1 x Deroma RUDEL SD-100 Soda Water Machine

• 1 x 1L Bottle

• 1 x Gas Cylinder

• 1x Instruction Manual

"Deroma® Official Store Boutique Life Electrical" 

The Trusted & Reliable Brand Deroma® Original Product!