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Deroma SP100 Steamboat Hot Pot Non Stick Electric Frying Boiling Pot Multi-functional 3L Cooking Pot

RM 66.66

Deroma® SP100 Steamboat Hot Pot Non Stick Electric Frying Boiling Pot Multi-functional 3L Cooking


• Multi-functional all-in-one pot, can be used for steamboat/hot pot/deep frying/stir frying/ boiling

• Non-stick surface, Non-stick coating, non-stick grease

• 3L Capacity Cooking Pot: Big and suitable to use afford 4-6 peoples family steamboat and cook

• Fast heating up and cook your food

• 3 Speed level heating adjustable

• Lightweight & portable

• Convenient & easy to operate by use it

• Auto-cut off safety protection (when overheat and when water is insufficient in the pot)

• The best quality among all steamboat big capacity

• Extra steamer pot for steam pau, dimsum, roti etc


• Non-stick material suitable for fry, steam, braised, stew and all kind of cooking purpose. Non-stick pot also can cook rice.

• 3L large pot capacity & 28.5cm diameter pot mouth (suitable for 4-6 people)

• 2 speed control & easy to heat ideal to be used at home, office, hotel & hostel. Circular heating element speed up cooking process.

• Come with thick glass transparent cover lid material.

• Cooker pot will automatically cut-off power when water is insufficient in the pot.

• Overheat prevention and automatic power cut off wen the temperature reaches certain temperature, the cooking pot will auto cut-off the electricity to protect the cooking pot. It will resume back to work after the temperature reduce.


• Brand: Deroma® 

• Model: SP100

• Product: Multi-functional Electric Cooking Steamboat Hot Pot

• Capacity: 3L

• Wire Length: 0.75m

• Material: Non-stick material

• Power: 800W

• Voltage: 220 - 240V ~ 50 / 60Hz

• Dimension Approx: 300*300*230mm

• Net Weight: 1.15kg

What's In The Box:

• 1x Steamboat Pot

• 1x Power Cable

• 1x Glass Cover Lid

• 1x Instruction Manual Book (English)

Friendly Reminder:

*Do not exceed the maximum water level, to prevent boiling water splashes out and caused injury.

*Do not lower than minimum water level to prevent dry burning and cause product damage.

*Please cover the glass lid when boiling water.

*To clean the pot during first time use, add water to the maximum water level and boil the water and drain out the water.

*Please use the product on a flat surface and do not put near any heat resources, or on any other electronic appliances.

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